Spring into Sour Beer

Although winter has been a lot of fun, we are ready for some of that spring sunshine in our lives. Luckily the spring equinox will be here March 20th, which means that the sunny days of spring will be close behind. Spring to us means bright flavors, great beers, and plenty of time spent outdoors on the trails. Our newest beer, the Spring Equinox Saure is the perfect beer to help usher in the season with it’s tart, dry flavors similar to a watermelon sour patch kid - we know our mouth is now watering too…

The Spring Equinox Saure is another one of our seasonal Berliner Weisse sours that we will be making quarterly. It is similar to its cousin’s the Summer and Winter Soulstice Saure, but with its own unique flair that separates it from the others. This sour beer has an IBU of 10 and an ABV of 5.5%, with a soft wheat and tropical aroma. It is subtle and dry in flavor with a watermelon and citrus sweetness.

Zack Kegging Spring Equinox

This beer was kettle soured to bring out the tartness, however it is more subtle than you would expect, making it a great beer for anyone, not just those who enjoy sour beers. It was brewed with a few different malts, including Pilsner, Wheat, Vienna, and Acidulated, but the flavor really comes from the Azacca hops in the brew. Azacca hops are an American hop known for their fruity, tropical, citrus qualities which is where the beer gets its delicious flavors from.

Spring Equinox Saure is perfect for “anyone who wants a little fruity zip in their beer” according to our head brewer Zack. It has a soft sourness for easy drinking, and the additional of the bright flavors makes it the perfect beer to help us welcome in all our favorite things about the spring season. This beer will be tapped at all locations starting March 15th and keep an eye out for the limited release guava edition that will be tapped a week or two after. Both are sure to please!

Elevate Nepal & the Sapana Coffee Stout

Each year as a company, Historic Brewing Company uses our Charity Brew With Us Program to collaborate with some amazing local charities to not only create an awesome collaboration beer, but to also raise awareness and money for organizations that we stand behind. This month we had the privilege of working with Elevate Nepal, Inc., a non-profit that is based out of Flagstaff and works to raise money for relief work and rebuilding projects in Nepal following the devastation of the 2015 earthquake.

The 2015 earthquake in Nepal was the largest natural disaster Nepal had experienced in over eighty years, and the aftermath of this huge earthquake destroyed many of the countries villages and killed and injured thousands of people. Although the government was able to provide some disaster relief, the hit that the country took and the decline of the economy after the natural disaster has meant that rebuilding efforts have been slow and stagnant. This means that many people are still living in cramped shelters and many children have limited access to education. Elevate Nepal, founded in 2017, has been working closely with the Nepalese people to improve conditions, provide children with schools, families with homes, and provide better sanitation and resources for all.

The founders, Dan and Anthony, visited Nepal for the first time in 2011 where they spent a few months trekking Mt. Everest base camp and volunteering in local villages. This is when they first visited the coffee farm near Pokhara and when they fell in love with the country and the values of the Nepalese people. After the devastation of the 2015 earthquake, the men came together to form Elevate Nepal in an effort to help the country rebuild itself and create more jobs within the villages and empower the communities.

We were lucky enough to get connected with Dan Maurer when he approached us about his yearly charity event that this year raised more than $12,000 for their current and future rebuilding projects. It was also then that Dan informed us about the amazing way the charity is raising money all year long and the agriculture they are helping build in this small village by working with the coffee farm and importing speciality Nepalese coffee into the United States. The Sapana coffee beans are grown in the shade of the Himalayan mountains and then imported to the US and roasted in Phoenix, before they sold to the public both online on their website and at their events. It is pesticide free, organic, free trade and speciality grade coffee, and Elevate Nepal is one of only three companies in the United States to import coffee from Nepal.

After learning about Elevate Nepal and the important work they are doing, we knew we wanted to partner up with them to create a kickass beer and help them raise money for even more rebuilding projects. This is how the Sapana Coffee Stout was born - a chocolatey, slightly sweet stout that is bursting with coffee flavor and subtle nutty notes. We used the Sapana coffee beans in this beer to truly infuse an element of Nepal and Elevate Nepal’s mission into every pint.

The Sapana Coffee Stout has lots of coffee flavor from the addition of Sapana coffee cold brew added in to the beer. It is a light-bodied, dry stout that has a good bitterness from the coffee and the hops. The aroma and flavor of this beer reminds our head brewer, Zack, of iced coffee with cream and sugar, making it an easy to drink dark beer. The Sapana Stout has an ABV of 4.8% and an IBU of 20, although the perceived bitterness is a bit higher because of the natural bitter qualities of the dark roasted coffee. This beer is perfect for both coffee lovers and beer lovers, and for those that want to support an awesome organization doing great work in the world.

Sepana Coffee Stout

This beer was first tapped at the Big Lebowski Charity Bowling Event on March 2nd at Starlite Lanes, but it is now also tapped at our Historic Brewing Company locations. Additionally, we will be hosting an awesome event at our Downtown Historic Barrel + Bottle House location to raise even more money and awareness for Elevate Nepal, and to give you all a chance to try this beer, the Sapana coffee, and even buy some Nepalese coffee beans to take home with you.

Join Historic and Elevate Nepal on March 23rd from 6-9pm for a pint night and coffee tasting. You can try the Sapana Stout side by side with the cold brew that was used in the beer, and $1 from each pint of the Sapana Stout sold that night will go back to Elevate Nepal. They are currently working on rebuilding a school that will allow 700 kids to continue their education, and by coming down to our event you can help support them in this project and their awesome mission as a whole. We hope to see you there, and if you can’t join but want to help out this cause go to Elevate Nepal’s website and read more about what they do, donate, or buy some Sapana coffee beans!

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Blonde ales as a beer style are known for being easy to drink, smooth, and well rounded in flavor. While we know that this style is a favorite among many, the question still remains: do blondes really have more fun? We’d argue that they do, and after reading up on their history and what makes them great, we think you’ll agree.

While the exact history of when blonde ales were first brewed isn’t well known, most beer historians argue that this style was created in Britain in the late 1800s and was most likely crafted as a lighter version of a pale ale. It may have been called a “summer ale” or “dinner ale” until the style was later developed and differentiated from others. This smooth, light to medium bodied ale can range in color from light yellow to golden and is now brewed all over the world with each region producing their own unique variation. The most popular blonde ales are now produced in North America, Belgium, and Britain, but the style we’ll be focusing on today is the North American Blonde Ale.

The North American Blonde Ale was crafted in the 1980s by beer brewers in an attempt to lure lager drinkers to try more craft brews. Typically blonde ales are easy to drink, without any distinct hop bitterness, making them a good gateway beer for non-craft beer drinkers. They can range anywhere from 4-7% ABV and generally have a low IBU.  

Blonde ales have medium to high carbonation, are lighter in body than dark or hoppy ales, and are thirst quenching any time of the year. They really shine in the summer though, when beer drinkers want something light but flavorful that won’t fill them up. Blonde ales become even more fun when fruit or spices are added to them, enhancing their flavor, but even without these additions blonde ales are typically slightly bready and sweet with a good malt quality to them.

Undercover Cucumber Feature

This simple but delicious style of beer has become a favorite all over the world because it is session-able and accessible to any type of beer drinker. Our flagship Blonde Ale, Undercover Cucumber, is a fun take on the classic with the addition of 150 pounds of cold pressed cucumber juice in each batch of beer. This blonde ale is cucumber forward, refreshing, and a little too easy to drink - especially on a hot summer day. It is the quintessential blonde ale but with a twist that gives it some extra character and pizzazz, helping us show the world that blondes really do have more fun.

Saguaro Sunrise: A Southwest IPA

While a Southwest IPA may not be a style of beer (yet), this flavorful and hop forward IPA was definitely inspired by the beauty of the Southwest. This small batch IPA, named Saguaro Sunrise, is similar in style to a West Coast IPA but with a twist that makes this beer stand out from the rest. It has an IBU of 81 and an ABV of 7%, with lots of aroma and flavor from a large hop bill made up of Amarillo, Centennial, Summit, and Columbus hops.

While a traditional West Coast IPA has a strong bitter taste, a large amount of hop flavor and little to no malt characteristics, our play on this Southwest IPA is a bit softer. It still has lots of hop flavor and a pleasant bitterness to it, but it has a gentle malt taste as well that balances it and gives it a smoother, dry finish. Its aroma is herbal, slightly sweet, with a gentle hop bitterness, and notes of winter citrus.

GCC Pale in Sight Glass

This beer was brewed with four different types of hops, but the main flavors in the beer come from the Amarillo and Centennial hops which were also used to dry hop the beer. Saguaro Sunrise has big, bold flavors that India Pale Ales are known for, without the extreme bitterness that can come from a more traditional West Coast IPA. It has a smooth, dry, slightly malt finish with subtle sweet citrus flavors similar to lemon curd.

Saguaro Sunrise is great for anyone looking to switch it up a bit while still staying loyal to their love of IPAs. It is a full-bodied IPA that isn’t overly bitter, and is perfect for anyone who likes citrus and lots of hops. This beer will be tapped at all of our locations beginning March 1st, but it is a small batch brew so be sure to get it while you can because just like the beautiful sunrise over the desert it won’t be around forever.

Some of our Favorite Restaurants in Flagstaff

Although Flagstaff may be a small town, that doesn’t stop us from having incredible restaurants to choose from when it’s time for a meal out. The choices range from small mom and pop shops, casual restaurants, and incredible fine dining, and we are lucky enough to have so many different types of cuisine to choose from. As a company that loves eating good food just as much as we love drinking good beer, we’ve tried out our fair share of restaurants in Flagstaff and feel like we’ve got some great places to share.

So whether you’ve lived in Flagstaff forever and just want to switch it up and try out some of our favorites, or you’re just visiting in town and want to go to the “must eat” places, this blog is for you. We’ll detail a variety of different price points, restaurant styles, and cuisine options so there’s sure to be a restaurant on this list for everyone.

  • Karma Sushi: Karma Sushi, located on Historic Route 66 in Downtown Flagstaff, is one of our favorite places to go for amazing sushi and Japanese inspired cuisine. This restaurant has an awesome vibe that is great for date night, after work drinks, or just a good meal with good friends. They offer a large menu with options for vegetarians and vegans, as well as those who love traditional raw fish sushi. Karma Sushi has a range of local, domestic, and imported beers on tap and they also have a full bar with many different cocktails on the menu to choose from.

  • Shift: Shift focuses on unique food with local ingredients and a lot of heart and soul in each of their dishes. They feature a small menu that is crafted to really highlight each ingredient and the art behind making good food. Opened by a local couple who met in the restaurant industry, Shift is an intimate restaurant that is perfect for a small group of friends or a couple celebrating something special. Their menu changes often so each dining experience at Shift is a little bit different. They are located on North San Francisco Street and offer a range of entrees, cocktails, beer and wine, and desserts that are sure to please your palate.

  • Historic Barrel + Bottle House: Barrel + Bottle House is the perfect place to hang out, grab a beer or a glass of wine, and enjoy some delicious upscale American pub food. We might be a little biased since this is one of our own restaurant concepts, but it really is one of the best spots in Downtown Flagstaff. Our restaurant has a great patio that is dog-friendly as well as a fun community style feel inside that makes everyone feel like a local. We offer a burger and beer special from 12-6pm on weekdays that isn’t to be missed, and we always have a seasonal soup and dessert on special. Plus we serve all of our own Historic beers on tap and local Grand Canyon Wine Company wines.

Burger and Single Speed BHF
  • Oreganos: Oreganos has two locations in Flagstaff, one on the East Side near the mall and one on the West Side near NAU. Both locations offer homestyle Italian food just like Grandma used to make. They serve up big portions at an affordable price and offer a good family friendly environment. Our favorite thing to order is the meatballs, but you can’t go wrong with one of their pizzas or a big bowl of pasta, served with a smile and great customer service.

  • Whisk & Whisky: Whisk & Whisky is one of Flagstaff’s newest restaurants, located in Aspen Place at the Sawmill. This restaurant offers a fun take on happy hour, which they call Social Hour and happens weekdays from 3-6pm and 9pm-close. Their Social Hour offers customers special prices on snacks, drinks, and draft beers. They have specials deals throughout the week like all day Social Hour on Tuesdays and $6 burgers on Thursdays from 6pm-close. Don’t miss their signature cocktails or their expansive list of Whiskeys!

Whisk and Whisky Beer and Menu

Dragon’s Breath Pale Ale: Who Doesn’t Like Dragons?

Our newest beer, a very sessionable Pale Ale named Dragon’s Breath, will appeal to all craft beer drinkers, even the one’s who don’t like dragons. Dragon’s Breath Pale Ale was brewed with unique hops, giving it a different and unexpected flavor combination, however, it is still well balanced and highly drinkable which makes this brew perfect for every type of beer lover. It’s adventurous and fun but not too in your face and well within the realm of what you would expect from a delicious pale ale.

This beer has a sweet honeydew and papaya aroma, combined with a faint grain sweetness and a gentle hop bitterness. The flavor of this beer is very similar to the aroma, with soft tropical notes and a very pleasant hop flavor. It’s well balanced between the hops and the malts with a clean bitterness from the Magnum hops.

Rye'se Up IPA Highlight

Dragon’s Breath gets its name, its aroma and its flavor from the Styrian Dragon hops from Slovenia. These are a unique hop that we haven’t worked with before, and its addition to the beer created a different flavor combination than we’ve been able to create in the past in other pale ales. The Styrian Dragon hops were not only used in the mash, but we also used them to dry hop the beer, bringing out their unique flavors even more.

This beer has an ABV of 5.8% and an IBU of 49 and is well balanced in sweetness and bitterness. It’s easy to drink, goes well with most foods, and is great in any type of weather - plus, who doesn’t like dragons? This beer will be released at all our locations beginning February 5th, but it won’t be around for too long, just like the elusive dragon.