Collaboration Beer: Hip Key Pale Ale

Flagstaff is full of so many amazing non-profits and community outreach programs, and we are lucky enough to pair with a select few throughout the year to help provide awareness and raise money for their great causes. This month we have teamed up with Dark Sky Aerial to let everyone know what incredible work they are doing within the community and the state of Arizona, and help them raise funds for their future shows. 

Dark Sky Aerial was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating high caliber, original theater works. Through this process, they have worked to build a strong artist community both locally and regionally, in the Western US. Dark Sky Aerial creates thought provoking and meaningful aerial theatre that is created in unique and non-traditional spaces. If you’ve been lucky to see one or both of their shows, OPIA and TILT, then you will know the impact that these high quality and impressive shows create. They use a variety of mediums, including aerial dance, modern dance, live music, visual art and spoken word, to pose questions about our perceptions and show the connection that exists between us all as a society. 


This local non-profit is run by five board members and a creative team that all help to create a vision for their shows and is in charge of fundraising for each performance. Each show takes hundreds of hours to put on and provides a creative space for both local community members and amazing aerialists and performers from across the country. They have big plans for even more productions in 2020 and we are excited to be helping them raise some money and get the word out about their organization.

Hip Key Pale Ale was brewed with three members of the Dark Sky Aerial creative team and was inspired by a fun take on a traditional style. A “Hip Key”is a common technique on the aerial silks or rope, using the hip to lock one’self into the apparatus. The result is that the arms and legs become free for expression in this pose. Dark Sky Aerial chose this name as a nod to this foundational technique, and it carries a double meaning with this fundraiser. When small, local arts nonprofits lock in the financial support they need, they are free to use their resources to create and grow.

This Key Lime Pale Ale has an IBU of 35 and an ABV of 5% and is dark straw in color. On the nose it has a faint key lime and floral aroma which translates into the taste of the beer. This pale ale is on the more bitter side for a pale ale with a good hop bite that is a perfect compliment to the key lime flavors. It has notes of floral hops, graham cracker, and of course citrus. The Hip Key Pale Ale is perfect for Pale Ale drinkers who want something different and unique. 

Hip Key Key Lime Pale Ale

This beer is already on tap at our locations and 10% off each keg sale is going directly to Dark Sky Aerial to help fund their future productions. We are also having a Pint Night with Dark Sky Aerial at our Downtown Flagstaff location on November 12th from 6-9pm. We will have the Hip Key Pale Ale on special during that time and Dark Sky Aerial will be there to tell you more about what they do and how you can support their current and future projects. Come join us on the 12th to try the beer and support the community in a fun and tasty way!

It's a Monster Mash-In

It’s the spookiest season of them all, and we’ve got the perfect beer to enjoy as you watch your favorite Halloween movie or devour your kid’s treat or treat candy. The Monster Mash-In IPA is full of big hop flavor with notes of fruit punch and citrus. It’s not quite a “juicy IPA” but it’s so full of fruity hop flavors that it is sure to please those who love their India Pale Ales with lots of fruitiness and a bit of a bite.

This 15-barrel batch IPA was brewed with 2-row, Bru, and Carapils malts, as well as comet, Amarillo, Idaho-7, and Cashmere hops. It was also dry hopped with Cashmere hops giving it all that delicious aroma and zest. Monster Mash-In has an IBU of 65 and an ABV of 6.7% and is golden in color. This unfiltered IPA has an aroma of mango, papaya, and citrus, with a slight cereal malt smell to it as well. 

Monster Mash In

This beer is all about the hop flavor and that is what truly shines through with you taste it. It has a good hop bitterness as well, but that is well balanced with the malt sweetness so that you can truly taste the bouquet of hop flavors prominent in this delicious brew. This beer is an IPA you’ll want to enjoy all throughout the fall and lucky for you we brewed a bigger batch so that you can enjoy it as the season continues. It is available at all locations beginning October 29th and we will be canning it in our speciality 16oz cans so you can enjoy it at home as well. Get your monster mash-in on and let us know what you think about this flavorful India Pale Ale. 

New Wines & Good Times at Grand Canyon Wine Co

Our sister company, Grand Canyon Wine Company, has released new wines and we can’t wait to tell you all about them! If you’ve never heard of Grand Canyon Wine Company, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with the wine side of our company and expand your palate to try some incredible Arizona wine. 

GCW, founded in 2012, has actually been around since before Historic Brewing Company and began as a way to showcase the unique terroir of Arizona and the variety of wines that are made in our great state. Grand Canyon Wine Company makes it own wine and also has a Tasting Room in Williams that features their own brand and a select number of other wineries from throughout the state. They want to show off the best of the best when it comes to Arizona wine and have some fun within the wine industry. They make amazing wine, with something for everyone, and their brand appeals to both travelers and locals alike. 

Traveler, Switchback and Voyager

This year they have released a brand new Chardonnay, a GSM blend, and a Cabernet Sauvignon which are not only available in their Tasting Room, but also online, and at our very own Historic Barrel + Bottle House in Downtown Flagstaff. Now a little bit about the new wines:

-The Switchback: A Stainless Steel aged Chardonnay with bright floral on the nose and flavor notes of apple, a hint of lemon, and a soft butter finish. Light in body and acidity.

-The Traveler Red: An earthy, spicy GSM red blend with flavor notes of dark, jammy fruit, allspice, and a slight vanilla finish. Medium bodied and balanced in tannins and acidity.

-The Voyager: Our Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of hatch green chili, dark cherries, and creamy oak. Medium bodied and medium tannins, light acidity. 

If these descriptions intrigued you or you’ve been wanting to try more of what the local Arizona alcohol industry has to offer,  we encourage to come try these wines for yourself. Grand Canyon Wine Company is passionate about producing approachable wines for any adventure for those new to wine and those who have been exploring wine for many years. They are down to earth in their approach to wine and much like Historic Brewing Company they create a great quality product that they stand behind. 

Beaches Be Salty

We’ve got a new beer on deck, and beaches be salty about how good this brew is…

Our newest Gose style beer, is a refreshing tart ale with fruity hop flavors and a touch of salty flavor to it. A Gose style beer is similar to a Berliner Weisse, but with a slightly saltier twist due to the water profile and its mineral content. 

Beaches Be Salty is dark straw in color, with an ABV of 4.4% and an IBU of 11. This beer is unfiltered and slightly cloudy with a tart aroma and flavor notes of malt balanced by the fruit forward hops. This beer begins with tart flavors which move into notes of wheat malt and tropical fruit such as passion fruit. The main hop in this brew is Callista which is a newer German hop that is different in flavor from most of the German hops on the market. It is known for its passion fruit tang which shine through in this sour beer. 

Beaches Be Salty

This beer was brewed with the water profile of Goslar, Germany, where the Gose style originated. It was kettle soured and had a large amount of hops added towards the end of the boil which is why this beer has lots of hop fruitiness without the hop bitterness. This beer is already tapped at our downtown location and will be tapped at all other locations soon. This is a 15 barrel batch so it’ll be around for a while and is the perfect beer for anyone who loves sour beers or just wants to try out something different. 

Our GABF Gold Medal Win: Salt River Lager

If you know anything about the brewing industry, there are so many ups and downs and challenges along the way that it can sometimes feel like nothing is ever going right. However, when things are going well and we are recognized for our resilience and efforts - it’s a major win and something that we take the time to celebrate. Saturday, October 5th, 2019, was a huge win for our brewery and our brew team - this is the day we won a Gold Medal at this year’s Great American Beer Fest in the Fruit Beer category for our Salt and Lime Arizona Lager, Salt River!

We are incredibly proud of our team who made this happen and we have to give major credit to our dedicated Head Brewer, Zack Stoll, who is the man behind all of our amazing beers here at Historic Brewing Company. He is the one who works tirelessly through the good and the bad to make sure that we are producing the highest quality product so that we can keep both new and old fans happy and excited about our beer. 

Salt River Lager, our GABF Gold Medal winner, is a Salt and Lime Arizona Lager that is light in body, crisp and clean, with fresh lime and salt added to the mix. It has an ABV of 4.8% and an IBU of 18, with flavors that can easily transport you away to your favorite beach destination. It’s the perfect beer to take along with you to the Creek, on a hike through the Aspens, and of course tubing on the Salt River. It’s refreshing and light enough for any day of the year and it’s one of our staff favorite beers to brew and drink. 

Salt River

If you haven’t tried Salt River yet, add it to your list of must try beers. It is available at all our locations in both Flagstaff in Williams, both on draft and in cans to go home with you. Lucky for you this beer is also available through distribution, which means you can find it in select bars and stores throughout the State of Arizona. Send us a message on social media or shoot us an email if you need help finding it somewhere close to you, or better yet make the trip up North to come try it at our Brewery Tap Room located on the Eastside of Flagstaff. 

Thank you again to our Historic Brewing Company team and brewers, our fans who have supported us along the way, and a special shout out to all the other amazing local Arizona breweries who also won medals at this year’s GABF as well. We can’t wait to keep producing awesome beers and hopefully win some more Gold Medals in the years to come!

Collaboration Beer: The Hermit Trail Hoppy Amber

It’s time for another collaboration beer with the Grand Canyon Conservancy, our fourth beer in our five beer series during 2019 to celebrate the Grand Canyon Centennial. This time around we brewed a Hoppy Amber Ale, a dark ruby colored brew that is well balanced in hop and malt flavors. The Hermit Trail Amber Ale was named after one of our favorite hiking trails on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and has an IBU of 48 and an ABV of 5.3%. 

This beer has an aroma of floral hops, a slight citrus smell, and dark pretzel malts to round it out. It is lighter in body but full of flavor, with notes of floral grapefruit hop which is well balanced by the dark malt flavors. This brew finishes slightly bitter from the hops and has a higher IBU due to large amounts of late addition hops. It was brewed with 2-row, crystal 60, and black prince malts and hercules, amarillo, and cascade hops. Overall this beer is well balanced and is perfect for both pale ale and amber ale lovers.

Hermit Trail Hoppy Amber

This Hoppy Amber Ale will be released at our 6th Anniversary Party on October 5th at our Downtown Flagstaff Historic Barrel + Bottle location from 3-5pm. Come check our big party out and try this tasty brew. Just like our other beers in this collaboration series, 10% off all keg sales will be donated back to the GCC. Keep an eye out for the 5th and final beer coming out Mid December - it’s one you don’t want to miss!