Working with our community, giving back, and helping out local organizations and businesses are at the forefront of why we do what we do at Historic Brewing Company.

We are committed to doing what we can to make Northern Arizona great by helping those who also have the same mission.

Within our company, we have three main pillars that we focus on when it comes to giving back to our community:

  • Outdoor Recreation & Adventure

  • Environmental Protection

  • Education

Currently we have worked or have plans to work with these local organizations and businesses to create a better, more awesome community for us all:

  • Outdoor Recreation & Adventure

    • Flagstaff Biking Organization

    • Dark Sky Aerial

  • Environmental Protection

    • Grand Canyon Conservancy

    • AZ Wilderness

    • Trout Unlimited

  • Education

    • Arizona Historical Society

    • Red 4 Ed

    • Jason William Hunt Foundation - Wilderness Therapy

    • Museum of Northern Arizona

If you are interested in working with us or would like more information about our work within the community, or donations, please send us an email to info@historicbrewingcompany.com