Engineering Their Own Beer

Have you ever wanted to engineer your own beer? Wanted the opportunity to work with a seasoned brewer to formulate a beer that you’ve always wanted to taste? Well the folks at Civil Design and Engineering Inc. in Flagstaff got to do just that.

They knew that they wanted to make something extra special to give to their employees and their clients this year for the holidays, and that’s where we at Historic stepped in to help make that dream a reality. CDE approached us earlier this year with the proposition of brewing two distinct beers that would be made specially for them and later canned as gifts to the people in their company and their clients that work so hard all year. We knew this would be something fun and unique and we couldn’t wait to work with their team to brew something great.

Over the course of a few months we were able to help them engineer two beers that were perfect for them. Our head brewer, Zack, sat down with a few members of their team and brought them out different hops, different malts, and a few samplings of our own beers to get clear on what it is they wanted. They knew that they wanted to brew one IPA and one Porter so that narrowed it down, and from there Zack worked with them to decide on flavor characteristics, bases of the beers, and the specific taste that they were going for.

A group of employees from Civil Design and Engineering Inc. then joined us over the course of two different weekends to be a part of the brew. They worked with our Assistant Brewer, Austin, to start the brewing process and get a deeper understanding on how their beer would be made. From there the fermenting magic happened and about five weeks later their beers were kegged out into this world.

The end result was a piney, citrus IPA and a Hazelnut and Cacao Nib Porter. The IPA has an IBU of 6.6% and an ABV of 77 with a maltier base, more similar to an East Coast style IPA than some of the other IPAs that we have brewed in the past. It has Amarillo, Centennial, Columbus, and Nugget hops which all work together to create the bitter, pine, and citrus flavors that CDE wanted to achieve. This beer is malty, while still having lots of hop flavors, and different than other beers we’ve brewed in the past as it was engineered to meet the desires of CDE.


The Hazelnut and Cacao Nib Porter is a big, bold Porter, closer to an Imperial, with an ABV of 7.5% and an IBU of 14. They designed this beer after tasting Pete’s Hazy Nuts, a Hazelnut Porter we had on draft a few months ago, but we made this beer even bigger and more special by adding in more chocolate flavors with the cacao nibs and making it an Imperial with a high ABV. It’s the perfect beer for a celebration and a great way to thank the special people in their firm.

Working with a local business to create two unique and special beers was an awesome experience and something we’d love to do again. The process of engineering and designing their own beer really spoke to the team at Civil Design and Engineering Inc. and was totally up our alley as well. They now have two extraordinary gifts for their team and got to be a part of the deciding, the actual brew, and have a tasting afterward at our brewery that truly made them a part of the experience. If you’re interested in designing your own brew for your company or organization contact us at info@historicbrewingcompany.com.   

Winter Soulstice Saure: A Snow Day Beer

Looking for the perfect beer to sip on all day in between sledding in the snow, making snow angels, or shredding down the mountain? Winter Soulstice Saure makes the perfect snow day beer, whether you’re out in the cold or just watching all the fresh white powder come down while you chill in front of the fire.

Winter Soulstice Saure is this season’s Berliner Weisse - just as delicious as it’s summer cousin but brewed with a unique combination of hops. Berliner Weisse beers are traditional German wheat sours, light and flavorful enough for any time of the year. Our winter version is brewed with French Mistral hops, which are an overlooked gem when it comes to hop varieties. This flavorful and fragrant hop comes from the Alsace region of France and has aromatic notes of rose, melon, and lychee. Zack, our head brewer, had never used these hops before but he was excited about how this beer turned out and plans to use them in the future to brew a pale ale or a blonde.

Winter Solstice Highlight.jpg

This beer has an ABV of 4.6% and an IBU of 10 and was kettle soured. Winter Soulstice Saure is soft and slightly sweet, with a tart backbone. It has an aroma of fruity berries such as kiwi berries or gooseberries, and you can smell the tartness of this beer on the nose. As you sip the beer you begin to taste the soft wheat flavors, the slight rose floral notes, and the lychee and strawberry fruit flavors. It has a pleasant tartness that would appeal to even a craft brew novice or those who don’t normally drink sour beers.

We will be tapping this beer at all of our locations by the third week of December, right around the Winter Solstice, so keep your eyes out for it on the tap list. Berliner Weisse style beers are a favorite among many of us here at Historic Brewing Company and we can’t wait to share this season’s variation with you.

How Do I “Brew With Us” Too?

So by now you’ve seen the blogs, and you’ve hopefully tasted some of the awesome beers that we’re brewed with different charities, businesses, and groups of people using our “Brew With Us” program. Which has definitely had you wondering - “how the heck do I brew my own beer with Historic too?”

Well lucky for you, we’re going to give you all the details on how this program works, why it’s so awesome, and how you too can help brew your own beer on a large scale with Historic Brewing Company.

The Brew With Us program started because we wanted to collaborate on delicious beers with our customers and other organizations that weren’t just other breweries, and it’s grown into one of our favorite programs as a company. Each year we work with between 20-25 different groups of people to create small batch brews that are as unique as they are. The process starts with individual groups of up to 5 people working closely with our brewers to figure out a beer style that will work for their brew day and that everyone will enjoy. Once this is decided upon and a date for brewing is set, the group gets to spend all day at the brewery learning the ins and out of the brewing process.

Brew With Us Group

They not only learn exactly how their unique beer is created and the many steps involved in creating such tasty brews, but they also get to expand their beer knowledge on multiple different styles and see behind the scenes of what a brewers day looks like. During their brewing day, these groups also get to enjoy complimentary beer samplings, and lunch via a $50 gift card to use at either our food truck or our Downtown Flagstaff restaurant. It’s a day filled with lots of laughs, a bunch of awesome beer, and a great experience to expand your knowledge about beer and brewing.

Once your speciality beer is done, your group will receive twelve 32 oz crowlers of your brewed beer to take home and share with your friends and family. Your beer will also be tapped at all of our locations in town so that you can enjoy it while out, and have the ultimate bragging rights with all of your friends. Brew With Us makes a great gift for yourself or any beer lover in your life, and spots for this program fill up fast so make sure you get your spot today.  

Recipe Feature: The Voyager Mulled Wine

The snow has finally made it to Northern Arizona, and what better way to celebrate than with a warm, spicy, and fruity mulled wine. This recipe will warm you up from the inside out and is perfect to make for any holiday gathering or just a simple night in snuggled in front of a fire with a good book.

This recipe features one of our favorite bottles of wine from our sister company, Grand Canyon Wine Company. While this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is delicious as it is right out of the bottle, it is equally as desirable in mulled wine. The Voyager is medium to full bodied, low in acidity, with notes of roasted green chilis and dark cherries. It’s one of our favorite bottles of wine for the colder months, but it is so easy drinking that it would be perfect for a summer evening as well.

The Voyager Mulled Wine is easy to make, either in a crockpot or on the stove and can be made in big batches to share or scaled down for just one serving. It’s perfectly spiced with just a subtle sweetness and is the perfect winter wine cocktail!


The Voyager Mulled Wine

1 Bottle of The Voyager 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Star Anise

6 Whole Cloves

3 Whole Allspice

1 Orange

2-4 tablespoons of Honey (depending on how sweet you like it)

3 Shakes of Ground Nutmeg

1 Handful of Cranberries

1 finely chopped apple

1. Cut your orange into slices and set aside half of your orange slices for garnish.

2. Add all ingredients to a pot or a crockpot.

3. Heat all ingredients on the lowest setting for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow flavors to meld and spices to infuse.

4. Strain your liquid into mugs or glasses.

5. Garnish with an orange slice, a few cranberries in each glass, and a pinch of nutmeg.

6. Drink up and enjoy responsibly!

Single Speed Porter: Coffee to the Face

Each year we collaborate on a beer with local company Single Speed Coffee Roasters, and each year our Coffee Porter aptly named Single Speed gets even tastier. This year our head brewer, Zack, described the flavor notes of this beer as “coffee to the face”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Single Speed tastes just like a good Coffee Porter should. It has notes of chocolate and a bit of a roasty, nutty flavor from the malts, but mostly the delicious coffee flavors shine through. In fact, each pint of this beer has about one ounce of coffee in it from the Single Speed Coffee Roasters cold brew that is added while the beer is still in the Bright Tank. Single Speed Coffee Roaster’s owner Brad makes a batch of cold brew each year specially for Historic and delivers it to us as soon as it’s done so that it is the freshest it can be as it combines with the beer to make coffee beer magic.

This year Single Speed has an ABV of 6.5% and an IBU of 10. While this IBU is even lower than our normal porters, you are still going to get some subtle bitterness in this beer from the coffee flavors. However, because of the addition of coffee we use less hops in this beer since the cold brew balances the maltiness of this beer without needed excess hops in the mix. We brewed this beer with 2-row, crystal 60, munich 2, roast, carafa, biscuit, and chocolate malts, giving it a well rounded flavor that is complex but subtle. This beer was also brewed at a lower mash temperature which makes it lighter in body but still full in flavor.

Single Speed

Single Speed is brewed a bit differently than some of our other Porters since it starts with a Robust Porter base rather than the Brown Porter base that we use in Piehole. This makes the beer an almost black, dark brown color more similar in color to a Stout. People can expect an easy drinking dark beer with a definite coffee taste and flavor, almost blending the line from beer to coffee. Zack even states “it’s a beer to have with your breakfast”, although we’re not necessarily saying we recommend that…

Single Speed will be released and on tap at all our locations by the end of November and we can’t wait for you to try this delicious collaboration with a local roaster who makes some of the best beans around. This brew is perfect for coffee and beer lovers - aka the best people around - and it’s a beer you don’t want to miss out on this season.

Fall Beer Styles We Love (And You Will Too)

Fall is officially upon us here in Flagstaff, and around town you can see the transition to our favorite season taking place. The leaves are changing colors, the sun is going down earlier each night, and it’s time to start pulling our puffys out of the back of our closets.

Although the end of summer can bring on some sadness and longing for the sunny days filled with light lagers and blondes, it does mean that some of our favorite Fall beers are finally being brewed and are ready for immediate consumption! But what exactly is a good fall beer and what are some of our favorite styles to drink when it gets a little cooler outside? Don’t worry, we plan on telling you so that you can add even more awesome beers to your own list of favorites.

  • Pumpkin Spiced Beers: We couldn’t make this list without including pumpkin spiced beers. The start of Fall is when everyone is finally allowed to admit their love for everything pumpkin spiced which has naturally become trendy in the beer industry as well. Pumpkin Spiced beers are popping up everywhere, some better than others, but all concentrated on those delicious flavors of Fall - which include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves. We personally love pumpkin spiced Porters (hint hint Pumpkin Piehole) but Pumpkin Ales are also delicious when brewed just right. There’s just something so right about the flavors of Fall being added to a beer and since they are only available once a year we make sure we get our fill.

  • Marzenbiers: Although Oktoberfest beers may be a more popular style with the general public, we personally love a Marzenbier. These two styles of beer are quite similar but the slight differences between them makes the difference and are why Marzenbiers make our list. Marzens are a lager style beer while Oktoberfest beers are ales, and Marzens are known for being brewed with Munich malts which give them a distinct flavor that is hella delicious and perfect for Fall. Our own Marzen, Mission is Marzen, is full of complex malty flavors and has a “bready” quality to it that this German brew is famous for.

  • American Brown Ales: American Brown Ales are best known for their strong malty flavors balanced well with a variety of hops. Some of these ales have a small amount of bitterness from the hops, but most of these beers are primarily nutty and roasty with a subtle sweetness and overall balanced flavor throughout. These beers are easy to brew and can have flavors of toffee and caramel depending on what malts are used in the grain profile. This style of beer is downright delicious with it’s medium-bodied nature and subtle flavors that make it perfect for the changing of the seasons.

  • IPAs: While we’d argue that IPAs are great during any season, they really shine in the fall. There’s something about that bitter bite and harshness that reflects the Fall season so well. We are big fans of IPAs for their citrusy, piney flavors that linger on the palate and love the different hop profiles that can be chosen during the brew to create subtle differences between each India Pale Ale. Obviously we are a little partial to our IPA, Opposable, but we love trying new IPAs that enter the market and even experimenting with Red IPAs, Hazy IPAs and Black IPAs. These beers are super trendy at the moment but we see them staying staples on every tap list throughout the seasons.