Whiskey Revolver: The Perfect Summertime Stout

While summer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a stout, our newest beer, Whiskey Revolver, will have you questioning that notion. This American Imperial Stout is the perfect beer to drink around a summer campfire surrounded by your closest friends - although this beer is so good that you might not want to share.

Whiskey Revolver is not what you’d expect from from a traditional heavy stout. It has a much lighter mouth feel due to the aging process and the tannins from the oak barrels, making it the perfect dark beer for those glorious summer nights. This stout was aged for six months in Whiskey Del Bac barrels from Hamilton Distillers in Tucson, that we previously acquired from a collaboration with Dragoon Brewery. We used these barrels when we brewed AZ Sky Islands, a robust mesquite porter, and we enjoyed the flavor profiles this mesquite whiskey provided so much that we knew we had to use them again.

This stout has flavor notes of chocolate, vanilla, and oak, with a smoke heavy finish and a slightly roasty essence. It has a mesquite whiskey aroma and clocks in at 7% ABV with an IBU of 45. We used a temperature step mash process while brewing this beer, starting the water at a certain temperature to bring the grain to 140 degrees before adding more heat to finally bring it up to 154 degrees. This multi-step process helps bring more complexity to the malt and creates even more delicious flavor for those who enjoy knowing how their beer is brewed, and those who just like to drink it.

Whiskey Revolver was created for anyone who love their darker beers and doesn’t want to give them up in the warmer summer months, and is perfect for any craft beer lover who wants a full flavored barrel aged stout with a lighter mouth feel. This beer will be released at all three Historic Brewing Company locations beginning on June 8th, 2018, and is sure to go quickly - so don’t be gun shy about planning your trip up to Flagstaff or Williams to make sure you grab a pint before it’s all gone.