Recipe Feature: Tikisaurus Beer Cocktail

We’re officially serving cocktails at our Downtown Flagstaff Historic Barrel + Bottle House location! The cocktail menu was introduced when we expanded into the new space downtown and we couldn’t be more excited to share all the amazing beer and wine cocktails on our summer menu, along with the other classic cocktails we are offering.

This month’s recipe feature is a beer cocktail from our new speciality cocktail menu and is made with our American IPA, Opposable. This cocktail was created by our Beverage Manager Shanea Furze and was inspired by her soon to be husband and their love of Tiki bars and Tiki cocktails. She created this cocktail to include ingredients that are in traditional Tiki cocktails, but gave it her own twist to include beer.

Tikisaurus is made with some unique ingredients, such as Hibiscus Falernum and Velvet Aquavit that are full of flavor. The Hibiscus Falernum is a bitter sweet liquor made with spices such as allspice, cloves, and ginger, and the Velvet Aquavit is a liquor made with herbs and spices like carroway. These bold and bitter flavors are mixed with the sweetness of the Grapefruit Juice, Pineapple Rum, and Agave and then topped off with Opposable to round out the flavors and add in some carbonation and lightness. Enjoy this cocktail in your own home or come down to our Historic Barrel + Bottle House location today to try it made by one of our expert bartenders.

Tiki-Saurus on Bar

Tikisaurus Beer Cocktail

-½ oz of Agave

-½ oz of Lime Juice

-½ oz of Grapefruit Juice

-¾ oz of Hibiscus Falernum

-1 ½ oz of Aquavit

-½ oz of Plantation Pineapple Rum

-Splash of Opposable IPA

1. Build your cocktail out in a shaker except for Opposable IPA

2. Give it all a light shake

3. Sugar the rim of your serving glass

4. Pour contents of your shaker into your serving glass

5. Top cocktail with a splash of Opposable IPA

6. Garnish with whatever you’d like (we like a Pineapple Stave and a sprig of Mint)

7. Serve and sip this delicious beer cocktail