Spring into Sour Beer

Although winter has been a lot of fun, we are ready for some of that spring sunshine in our lives. Luckily the spring equinox will be here March 20th, which means that the sunny days of spring will be close behind. Spring to us means bright flavors, great beers, and plenty of time spent outdoors on the trails. Our newest beer, the Spring Equinox Saure is the perfect beer to help usher in the season with it’s tart, dry flavors similar to a watermelon sour patch kid - we know our mouth is now watering too…

The Spring Equinox Saure is another one of our seasonal Berliner Weisse sours that we will be making quarterly. It is similar to its cousin’s the Summer and Winter Soulstice Saure, but with its own unique flair that separates it from the others. This sour beer has an IBU of 10 and an ABV of 5.5%, with a soft wheat and tropical aroma. It is subtle and dry in flavor with a watermelon and citrus sweetness.

Zack Kegging Spring Equinox

This beer was kettle soured to bring out the tartness, however it is more subtle than you would expect, making it a great beer for anyone, not just those who enjoy sour beers. It was brewed with a few different malts, including Pilsner, Wheat, Vienna, and Acidulated, but the flavor really comes from the Azacca hops in the brew. Azacca hops are an American hop known for their fruity, tropical, citrus qualities which is where the beer gets its delicious flavors from.

Spring Equinox Saure is perfect for “anyone who wants a little fruity zip in their beer” according to our head brewer Zack. It has a soft sourness for easy drinking, and the additional of the bright flavors makes it the perfect beer to help us welcome in all our favorite things about the spring season. This beer will be tapped at all locations starting March 15th and keep an eye out for the limited release guava edition that will be tapped a week or two after. Both are sure to please!