Winter Soulstice Saure: A Snow Day Beer

Looking for the perfect beer to sip on all day in between sledding in the snow, making snow angels, or shredding down the mountain? Winter Soulstice Saure makes the perfect snow day beer, whether you’re out in the cold or just watching all the fresh white powder come down while you chill in front of the fire.

Winter Soulstice Saure is this season’s Berliner Weisse - just as delicious as it’s summer cousin but brewed with a unique combination of hops. Berliner Weisse beers are traditional German wheat sours, light and flavorful enough for any time of the year. Our winter version is brewed with French Mistral hops, which are an overlooked gem when it comes to hop varieties. This flavorful and fragrant hop comes from the Alsace region of France and has aromatic notes of rose, melon, and lychee. Zack, our head brewer, had never used these hops before but he was excited about how this beer turned out and plans to use them in the future to brew a pale ale or a blonde.

Winter Solstice Highlight.jpg

This beer has an ABV of 4.6% and an IBU of 10 and was kettle soured. Winter Soulstice Saure is soft and slightly sweet, with a tart backbone. It has an aroma of fruity berries such as kiwi berries or gooseberries, and you can smell the tartness of this beer on the nose. As you sip the beer you begin to taste the soft wheat flavors, the slight rose floral notes, and the lychee and strawberry fruit flavors. It has a pleasant tartness that would appeal to even a craft brew novice or those who don’t normally drink sour beers.

We will be tapping this beer at all of our locations by the third week of December, right around the Winter Solstice, so keep your eyes out for it on the tap list. Berliner Weisse style beers are a favorite among many of us here at Historic Brewing Company and we can’t wait to share this season’s variation with you.