Solstice Saure Berliner Weisse: Long Days, Sour Beers

The recent summer solstice on June 21st officially marked the start of summer - meaning longer days filled with more sunshine, the perfect weather for outdoor activities, and more time in the day for delicious, cold beers. Here at Historic Brewing Company, we have a few beers we brew each and every summer, and the traditional Berliner Weisse is one of those beers. This year we decided to name the light, refreshing, and tart Berliner Weisse, Solstice Saure, after the summer solstice and our love of those long days of summer.

The Berliner Weisse is a traditional German wheat beer that was first brewed in Berlin and is characterized by its light and tart flavor. To brew this beer we started out with a simple wheat beer grain bill which we then kettle soured with lactobacillus. The kettle souring dropped the PH of the beer to 3.5, and we then boiled and treated it like a normal wheat beer. The lower PH of this beer gives it that sour and tart flavor that differentiates it from a normal wheat beer.

Soulstice Saure has an IBU of 10 and an ABV of 4.1%, with a flavor profile that is light, slightly sweet, and thirst quenching. People can expect this beer to be refreshing, tart but not too sour, and with a taste similar to that of a Sweet Tart candy. This beer is perfect for “anyone who is thirsty” according to our head brewer Zack, and would even appeal to those who don’t normally enjoy sours as it is more tart than overly sour. It is light but still has a fairly complex flavor profile and is approachable to any type of beer drinker.

This beer was released at the brewery on the night of the summer solstice, and will be on tap for as long as we can keep it around. Come down to any one of our locations in Flagstaff or Williams to give it a try, and make sure to let us know what you think of this traditional Berliner Weisse!