Smug Mug Members Brew: Son of a Peach

If you didn’t know by now, Historic Brewing Company has an awesome program called Brew With Us where groups of people get to come in, spend the day with our brewers, and brew a beer of their own on the big scale. This program has helped create lasting relationships and some damn good beer as well. For this Brew With Us we got to work with a group of our incredible Smug Mug members who happened to win this experience at our 5th Anniversary Party.

This group of Smug Mug members have been coming to Historic’s Eastside Tap Room for over a year now and their regular meetups at the bar is what helped bring them closer than ever. They have named themselves “Extended Fam” and now all have weekly group dinners, regular off-roading adventure trips, and a group text filled with way too many inside jokes.

The group is made up of Jon Watkins, Bill Dunn, Luke and Amanda Parais, Derek O’Connell, and Laurin Tilden. Jon was the first to discover Historic and he was also the first to receive his smug mug, a gift from his parents for graduation, but luckily for us he didn’t keep Historic a secret from his friends for too long. The whole group soon started showing up at the bar together for Taco Thursdays and lots of laughs over beers. It wasn’t long before the entire group had smug mugs too, which now all live in a row on the shelves of Historic’s bar.

Regulars BWU Group

“Extended Fam” has known each other since 2016, all bonding over their jobs in the auto industry, and their love of cars, dogs, and tacos. They credit Historic for really bringing them together though and making regular dinners and meet-ups happen weekly. The group first began coming in on Thursdays for what they call “thirstdays” and still make it in every week to fill up their mugs with their beer of choice. Although Jon was the trend setter of the group when it came to mug membership, they all quickly joined the Smug Mug club because of the membership benefits which include $4 beers and 25% off of food and retail.

They were lucky enough to win the raffle at our 5th Anniversary Party and in early March they spent the day with Austin, one of our brewers, to learn how to brew their own beer and create something totally unique and delicious. While Amanda got most of the say when it came to what beer they chose to brew (since she is the pickiest and won the brew), it was a collaborative effort when deciding on their beer, Son of a Peach. This peach lager is light, incredibly refreshing, and fruity for a lager but not too fruit forward that traditional beer drinkers would be turned off. It has an aroma of stone fruit, a soft breadiness like cereal, and a little bit of citrus. It has an IBU of 22 and an ABV of 5% with flavor notes similar to a traditional lager but with the addition of stone fruit and peaches. It was mostly brewed with Calypso hops which are earthy and full of ripe fruit flavor.

Luke Adding Hops

The brew day was filled with lots of learning, fun, and the group all agreed that it was a bonding experience that helped bring them all together even more. They all had different aspects of the brew day that were their personal favorite, but getting to see and understand how a beer is created was at the top of the list. They got to pick Austin’s brain about the brewing process, help add grain to the brew, and get a behind the scenes look at how we run things at Historic. Son of a Peach will be released starting April 9th and although it’s a small batch brew you can expect to see at least one keg tapped at the brewery so that this Smug Mug group can show off their awesome beer. While this experience definitely can’t be recreated because this group is way too special to replicate, you can get your own group of friends or “extended fam” together to make a kickass brew of your own, and in the meantime get yourself a pint of Son of a Peach while it’s still around!