Single Speed Porter: Coffee to the Face

Each year we collaborate on a beer with local company Single Speed Coffee Roasters, and each year our Coffee Porter aptly named Single Speed gets even tastier. This year our head brewer, Zack, described the flavor notes of this beer as “coffee to the face”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Single Speed tastes just like a good Coffee Porter should. It has notes of chocolate and a bit of a roasty, nutty flavor from the malts, but mostly the delicious coffee flavors shine through. In fact, each pint of this beer has about one ounce of coffee in it from the Single Speed Coffee Roasters cold brew that is added while the beer is still in the Bright Tank. Single Speed Coffee Roaster’s owner Brad makes a batch of cold brew each year specially for Historic and delivers it to us as soon as it’s done so that it is the freshest it can be as it combines with the beer to make coffee beer magic.

This year Single Speed has an ABV of 6.5% and an IBU of 10. While this IBU is even lower than our normal porters, you are still going to get some subtle bitterness in this beer from the coffee flavors. However, because of the addition of coffee we use less hops in this beer since the cold brew balances the maltiness of this beer without needed excess hops in the mix. We brewed this beer with 2-row, crystal 60, munich 2, roast, carafa, biscuit, and chocolate malts, giving it a well rounded flavor that is complex but subtle. This beer was also brewed at a lower mash temperature which makes it lighter in body but still full in flavor.

Single Speed

Single Speed is brewed a bit differently than some of our other Porters since it starts with a Robust Porter base rather than the Brown Porter base that we use in Piehole. This makes the beer an almost black, dark brown color more similar in color to a Stout. People can expect an easy drinking dark beer with a definite coffee taste and flavor, almost blending the line from beer to coffee. Zack even states “it’s a beer to have with your breakfast”, although we’re not necessarily saying we recommend that…

Single Speed will be released and on tap at all our locations by the end of November and we can’t wait for you to try this delicious collaboration with a local roaster who makes some of the best beans around. This brew is perfect for coffee and beer lovers - aka the best people around - and it’s a beer you don’t want to miss out on this season.