Saguaro Sunrise: A Southwest IPA

While a Southwest IPA may not be a style of beer (yet), this flavorful and hop forward IPA was definitely inspired by the beauty of the Southwest. This small batch IPA, named Saguaro Sunrise, is similar in style to a West Coast IPA but with a twist that makes this beer stand out from the rest. It has an IBU of 81 and an ABV of 7%, with lots of aroma and flavor from a large hop bill made up of Amarillo, Centennial, Summit, and Columbus hops.

While a traditional West Coast IPA has a strong bitter taste, a large amount of hop flavor and little to no malt characteristics, our play on this Southwest IPA is a bit softer. It still has lots of hop flavor and a pleasant bitterness to it, but it has a gentle malt taste as well that balances it and gives it a smoother, dry finish. Its aroma is herbal, slightly sweet, with a gentle hop bitterness, and notes of winter citrus.

GCC Pale in Sight Glass

This beer was brewed with four different types of hops, but the main flavors in the beer come from the Amarillo and Centennial hops which were also used to dry hop the beer. Saguaro Sunrise has big, bold flavors that India Pale Ales are known for, without the extreme bitterness that can come from a more traditional West Coast IPA. It has a smooth, dry, slightly malt finish with subtle sweet citrus flavors similar to lemon curd.

Saguaro Sunrise is great for anyone looking to switch it up a bit while still staying loyal to their love of IPAs. It is a full-bodied IPA that isn’t overly bitter, and is perfect for anyone who likes citrus and lots of hops. This beer will be tapped at all of our locations beginning March 1st, but it is a small batch brew so be sure to get it while you can because just like the beautiful sunrise over the desert it won’t be around forever.