Nobody Likes a Mall Crawler

Nobody likes a mall crawler…. We’re joking of course, but there is something to be said about those that build awesome rigs and don’t use them to go on awesome adventures. Here at Historic Brewing Company though we are all about adventures, the rigs that get us there, and the beer we pack with us to drink after we get to our incredible outdoor destinations.

Our latest beer, the Mall Crawler IPL, is a not only a collaboration beer with KC HiLiTES and OVRLND Campers, but it is also a celebration of all things outdoors, exploration, and adventure. The idea for this beer was inspired by Overland Expo West, a huge weekend long expo that combines seminars, a film festival, a trade show and more. This expo takes place in our very own hometown of Flagstaff from May 17-19th and brings in adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. Both of the companies we collaborated with on this beer will be at Overland Expo and create awesome products that you should definitely check out! (Their websites are linked below.)

The Mall Crawler IPL, an India Pale Lager, is a hybrid style between an IPA and a Lager. This balanced beer has the hop flavor of an IPA without being too aggressive, and the crisp clean finish of a lager. It has an IBU of 55 and an ABV of 5% and is straw in color. On the nose this beer smells slightly sweet, with a hint of pineapple, and some cereal grain fragrance. The flavor of this beer is quite similar to the smell, with a light tropical hop which compliments the malt, grain flavors. It finishes like a lager but also has a slight bitter lingering finish and as our Head Brewer Zack describes “it’s too drinkable”.

Reaching for Maibock

This beer was brewed as a straightforward mash infusion, and then lagered in cold temperatures for 3 weeks, but it is different from other IPLs we have brewed in the past because we brewed this beer with experimental hops. The hops we used in the Mall Crawler IPL come from Hopsteiner, a US based Hop company, and these hops are so new that they only have numbers for names. While we didn’t know exactly what we were going to think of these hops, we are really impressed by how they worked in this beer and we can’t wait to use them in a small batch IPA later on this year as well.

Mall Crawler IPL was brewed with the awesome guys from both KC HiLiTES and OVRLND Campers, and while they didn’t know each other before the brew, this beer has been the perfect tool to connect community and share inspiration for future projects and events. This beer  is perfect for the Lager drinker who wants to switch it up a bit, or an IPA drinker who just wants to session some beer. It’s an easy drinking, slightly hoppy, and wildly delicious beer that we can’t wait to share with everyone in town for the Overland Expo and just all of our local Historic fans as well. This beer will be released on the 10th of May and will be at all of our locations while it lasts so come grab a pint or two and show some support for local businesses and our collective love of getting outdoors and the rigs that get us there.

KC HiLiTES: https://www.kchilites.com/

OVRLND Campers: https://campovrlnd.com/