A New School Saison: Hops-on Deck

It’s time for another small-batch beer release! This time in the form of a Hoppy Saison that is full of spicy Saison flavor and extra hops to keep it interesting. Hops-on Deck was brewed for anyone who wants a Belgium style beer fix, but is also a secret hop head. It’s a new school Saison that will have you wishing that we had brewed a bigger batch so that you could enjoy it for even longer. 

Hops-on Deck has an ABV of 7.3% and an IBU of 30. This beer smells spicy on the nose, which fades into more floral notes and finishes with tropical mango aromas. It is straw in color and has a lot of the traditional Saison beer qualities in both the aroma and the flavor. When you taste this beer you immediately notice the spiciness that Saisons are known for, which comes from the unique yeast that is used to brew this style of beer. There are also subtle notes of citrus and mango, and the beer has a decent bitterness from the addition of the extra hops. Hops-on Deck also has a dry quality to it that is common in traditional Saisons. 

Sampling Hops-On Deck

This style of beer is one of Zack’s, our Head Brewer, favorite styles and so he wanted to create one for everyone to enjoy. It was brewed with more hops than you’d typically find in a Saison but that was done to create even more depth of flavor and an extra amount of bitterness within the beer. Hops-on Deck was brewed with Pilsner and Wheat malts, and Hercules hops for bittering and Loral hops for finishing. This beer will be released by August 6th at our Flagstaff locations, but since it is a small batch we can’t promise that it will even last the whole month of August. Come try this new school Saison for yourself, and see what the addition of some extra hops does to transform this traditional style of beer.