Grassfed 2.0: New Take on an Old Favorite

Grassfed Blonde Ale is back! If you’re an OG Historic Brewing Company fan you’ve definitely heard of and probably tried Grassfed Blonde, our Lemongrass Blonde, known for it’s fresh flavor and easy drinking nature. It’s been quite a while since we’ve brewed this tasty beer, but with summer finally here and our nostalgic nature, we figured we’d bring back this classic brew.

This year’s Grassfed Blonde is version 2.0 because we changed it up slightly, using different hops to bring out more of a melon, fruit forward characteristic to the beer. Grassfed 2.0 was also brewed for charity, making it extra special. This brew was made for the Museum of Northern Arizona and their annual Gala event. This year the Museum of Northern Arizona is celebrating their 90th anniversary and featuring nine cutting-edge artists at their Gala, and we were lucky enough to pair with them yet again to make a beer that celebrates their event and all that they do for the local community.

Grassfed 2.0 has an ABV of 5.3% and an IBU of 20. This beer is straw in color with an aroma full of malt sweetness, honeydew, and fresh cut grass. It is a light, easy drinking blonde with flavor notes of cereal grains, lemongrass, melon, and a touch of sweetness from the large malt bill. This beer is soft and smooth, with some bright flavors that round it out and make it unique. It was dry hopped with fresh lemongrass, and while the lemongrass brings in a crisp herbal quality to the beer, it is a subtle flavor that perfectly compliments the malt in the beer.

blonde ale

This beer was brewed with 2-row, Pilsner, Vienna, Victory, and Flaked Wheat malt, as well as Magnum and Pekko hops for bittering and flavor. One of the employees from the Museum of Arizona, plus a few of their awesome members were present for the brewing day of this beer, and got their hands dirty adding malt to the tanks and learning about how to brew beer.

We will be releasing Grassfed 2.0 Blonde Ale at our locations as early as June 14th, and it will also be poured at the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Gala on June 22nd. There are tickets for this event on their website, as well as more information on their current art exhibits and the many ways that you can support the Museum. Grassfed 2.0 is a new take on an old favorite, not only in flavor but also because this time around it’s helping build community and supporting one of our favorite local organizations in Flagstaff. It’s a small batch beer so drink it while you can, because who knows when Grassfed 3.0 will make it’s debut.