Fenrir IPA: Inspired by the Infamous Wolf

We won’t get too geeky on you, but in Norse mythology there was a wolf so monstrous that he had to be chained up for fear of his strength and his propensity for evil. As the story goes, Fenrir broke through his chains twice, and bit the arm off of the god Tyr before he was finally chained to a rock and gagged with a sword, left to die until Doomsday. Of course a wolf as big and great as Fenrir wouldn’t go down without a fight, and as the legend goes he fought against the chief god Odin and swallowed him whole.

We tell you this whole story, because not only is it totally badass, but it’s also the inspiration behind our newest IPA. The Fenrir IPA was brewed with Styrian Wolf hops from Slovenia - hops that are extremely special and drew us in from the moment we saw the name and read the flavor notes.

The Fenrir IPA has an IBU of 70 and an ABV of 6.9% with a slightly sweet, tropical floral aroma. It is hop forward with flavors of grapefruit pith, tropical orchid, and hop spiciness. It has a delicious bitterness to it with little malt flavors because we wanted this beer to be all about the hops.

Hoppy beer

Speaking of the hops, this beer was brewed in a straightforward single mash infusion with a small amount of Nugget hops for bittering, Styrian Wolf hops for flavor, and Pale Ale and Crystal 10 malts. These unique Wolf hops were shown to Zack, our head brewer, by the awesome guys at Proximity Malt who work with Hop Head Farms and distribute this hop and many other varieties of hops. This select hops is completely different than any other we have brewed with, and Zack couldn’t wait to create a beer based around their unique flavor and aroma.

The Fenrir IPA, inspired by a wolf incredibly giant and evil, is the perfect beer for anyone who loves big hop flavors but wants something totally new and unique. This hop variety hasn’t been used in many beers before and is a first for Historic Brewing Company. This beer will be tapped at all of our locations starting December 14th, and you’re not going to want to miss this small batch, bold India Pale Ale.