Fall Beer Styles We Love (And You Will Too)

Fall is officially upon us here in Flagstaff, and around town you can see the transition to our favorite season taking place. The leaves are changing colors, the sun is going down earlier each night, and it’s time to start pulling our puffys out of the back of our closets.

Although the end of summer can bring on some sadness and longing for the sunny days filled with light lagers and blondes, it does mean that some of our favorite Fall beers are finally being brewed and are ready for immediate consumption! But what exactly is a good fall beer and what are some of our favorite styles to drink when it gets a little cooler outside? Don’t worry, we plan on telling you so that you can add even more awesome beers to your own list of favorites.

  • Pumpkin Spiced Beers: We couldn’t make this list without including pumpkin spiced beers. The start of Fall is when everyone is finally allowed to admit their love for everything pumpkin spiced which has naturally become trendy in the beer industry as well. Pumpkin Spiced beers are popping up everywhere, some better than others, but all concentrated on those delicious flavors of Fall - which include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves. We personally love pumpkin spiced Porters (hint hint Pumpkin Piehole) but Pumpkin Ales are also delicious when brewed just right. There’s just something so right about the flavors of Fall being added to a beer and since they are only available once a year we make sure we get our fill.

  • Marzenbiers: Although Oktoberfest beers may be a more popular style with the general public, we personally love a Marzenbier. These two styles of beer are quite similar but the slight differences between them makes the difference and are why Marzenbiers make our list. Marzens are a lager style beer while Oktoberfest beers are ales, and Marzens are known for being brewed with Munich malts which give them a distinct flavor that is hella delicious and perfect for Fall. Our own Marzen, Mission is Marzen, is full of complex malty flavors and has a “bready” quality to it that this German brew is famous for.

  • American Brown Ales: American Brown Ales are best known for their strong malty flavors balanced well with a variety of hops. Some of these ales have a small amount of bitterness from the hops, but most of these beers are primarily nutty and roasty with a subtle sweetness and overall balanced flavor throughout. These beers are easy to brew and can have flavors of toffee and caramel depending on what malts are used in the grain profile. This style of beer is downright delicious with it’s medium-bodied nature and subtle flavors that make it perfect for the changing of the seasons.

  • IPAs: While we’d argue that IPAs are great during any season, they really shine in the fall. There’s something about that bitter bite and harshness that reflects the Fall season so well. We are big fans of IPAs for their citrusy, piney flavors that linger on the palate and love the different hop profiles that can be chosen during the brew to create subtle differences between each India Pale Ale. Obviously we are a little partial to our IPA, Opposable, but we love trying new IPAs that enter the market and even experimenting with Red IPAs, Hazy IPAs and Black IPAs. These beers are super trendy at the moment but we see them staying staples on every tap list throughout the seasons.