Experimental Hops & Experimental Beers

One of the best things about working in the beer industry is constantly getting to try new things and get experimental, all in the hopes of delicious results. While not every new idea works out, sometimes they do and damn do those wins taste good. Our latest beer, Experimental Probability IPA, is a hazy West Coast style IPA that is bold in taste and was brewed with a combination of experimental hops, so new they don’t even have names yet.

Experimental Probability IPA is medium straw in color, with an IBU of 80 and an ABV of 6.4%. It has a fruity hop aroma and flavor notes of pineapple, black currant, and lemon curd. This India Pale Ale has strong hop flavors throughout, with a pleasant bitter finish and little to no malt characteristics. It is true to style with it’s big hop flavor and solid bitterness, but switches it up with the unique characteristics from the experimental hops.

Experimental Probability

We brewed this beer as a single infusion mash but added in extra IBUs for bittering to make it more of a West Coast style IPA, which are known for their long lasting bitter flavors. We also dry hopped this beer with the experimental hops, which brought out more of the black currant flavor throughout the beer. We previously used these experimental hops in our Mall Crawler IPL, and liked the flavors so much we decided to play with them again in this beer.

Experimental Probability IPA will be on tap as early as June 1st in our locations, and is perfect for anyone who loves IPAs and wants something with strong hop flavors and little to no malt. It’s a new and fun Historic beer, and while we weighed the probabilities to see if it was going to work - this experiment turned out damn good.