Dragon’s Breath Pale Ale: Who Doesn’t Like Dragons?

Our newest beer, a very sessionable Pale Ale named Dragon’s Breath, will appeal to all craft beer drinkers, even the one’s who don’t like dragons. Dragon’s Breath Pale Ale was brewed with unique hops, giving it a different and unexpected flavor combination, however, it is still well balanced and highly drinkable which makes this brew perfect for every type of beer lover. It’s adventurous and fun but not too in your face and well within the realm of what you would expect from a delicious pale ale.

This beer has a sweet honeydew and papaya aroma, combined with a faint grain sweetness and a gentle hop bitterness. The flavor of this beer is very similar to the aroma, with soft tropical notes and a very pleasant hop flavor. It’s well balanced between the hops and the malts with a clean bitterness from the Magnum hops.

Rye'se Up IPA Highlight

Dragon’s Breath gets its name, its aroma and its flavor from the Styrian Dragon hops from Slovenia. These are a unique hop that we haven’t worked with before, and its addition to the beer created a different flavor combination than we’ve been able to create in the past in other pale ales. The Styrian Dragon hops were not only used in the mash, but we also used them to dry hop the beer, bringing out their unique flavors even more.

This beer has an ABV of 5.8% and an IBU of 49 and is well balanced in sweetness and bitterness. It’s easy to drink, goes well with most foods, and is great in any type of weather - plus, who doesn’t like dragons? This beer will be released at all our locations beginning February 5th, but it won’t be around for too long, just like the elusive dragon.