Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Blonde ales as a beer style are known for being easy to drink, smooth, and well rounded in flavor. While we know that this style is a favorite among many, the question still remains: do blondes really have more fun? We’d argue that they do, and after reading up on their history and what makes them great, we think you’ll agree.

While the exact history of when blonde ales were first brewed isn’t well known, most beer historians argue that this style was created in Britain in the late 1800s and was most likely crafted as a lighter version of a pale ale. It may have been called a “summer ale” or “dinner ale” until the style was later developed and differentiated from others. This smooth, light to medium bodied ale can range in color from light yellow to golden and is now brewed all over the world with each region producing their own unique variation. The most popular blonde ales are now produced in North America, Belgium, and Britain, but the style we’ll be focusing on today is the North American Blonde Ale.

The North American Blonde Ale was crafted in the 1980s by beer brewers in an attempt to lure lager drinkers to try more craft brews. Typically blonde ales are easy to drink, without any distinct hop bitterness, making them a good gateway beer for non-craft beer drinkers. They can range anywhere from 4-7% ABV and generally have a low IBU.  

Blonde ales have medium to high carbonation, are lighter in body than dark or hoppy ales, and are thirst quenching any time of the year. They really shine in the summer though, when beer drinkers want something light but flavorful that won’t fill them up. Blonde ales become even more fun when fruit or spices are added to them, enhancing their flavor, but even without these additions blonde ales are typically slightly bready and sweet with a good malt quality to them.

Undercover Cucumber Feature

This simple but delicious style of beer has become a favorite all over the world because it is session-able and accessible to any type of beer drinker. Our flagship Blonde Ale, Undercover Cucumber, is a fun take on the classic with the addition of 150 pounds of cold pressed cucumber juice in each batch of beer. This blonde ale is cucumber forward, refreshing, and a little too easy to drink - especially on a hot summer day. It is the quintessential blonde ale but with a twist that gives it some extra character and pizzazz, helping us show the world that blondes really do have more fun.