Calypso Double IPA: Seductively Flavorful

Much like the nymph Calypso from the Odyssey who seduced Odysseus for seven years before she freed him from her island, our newest small batch Double IPA will seduce you away from any other tasty beers until it runs out. Calypso Double IPA is a fruity but balanced DIPA with a bitter finish and strong malt qualities. It was brewed with Calypso hops, known for their ripe fruit flavor, that lend a seductively flavorful taste to this brew.

Calypso DIPA has an ABV of 8.4% and an IBU of 75 with a strong aroma of pear and apricots while still being able to smell the hop bitterness that India Pale Ales are known for. This beer was originally just supposed to be an IPA but our love of hops and malts got the best of us, seducing us away our original plan and becoming a bigger beer that we had accounted for. Calypso DIPA was brewed with Magnum, Calypso, and Mistral hops, which come together to create a fruit flavor that is different than IPA lovers have come to expect. The fruit flavors of this beer aren’t “citrusy” or tropical, but rather closer resemble the smell and flavor of stone fruit that is just ripe enough to be made into jam.

Calypso DIPA on Taps

Although the ripe fruit flavors are the most prominent in the beer, Calypso DIPA still has a nice bready malt quality and a strong hop bitterness that comes through in the finish and lingers as you sip. This beer is perfect for hop heads who want to expand their palate with big, delicious flavors. Calypso Double IPA will be available at our locations starting January 18th and will around to seduce your taste buds for as long as it lasts.