Brewing For a Cause: Barn Burner IPL

Being a part of a local community is all about supporting others in a way that helps benefit us all, and being the makers of craft beer and awesomeness we like to give back in a way that makes a difference and is also delicious. Our Brew with Us program is one of those ways we like to give back, and we do so by working with local organizations and nonprofits to brew a beer that is then sold to raise money for certain projects or efforts that we also feel passionate about. For this month’s Brew with Us we worked with Flagstaff Biking Organization to create a kickass India Pale Lager that will be sold at the Leadville Qualifier Bike Race, the Barn Burner, to raise money for FBO’s Trail Fund.

The Barn Burner IPL is hop forward with lots of big tropical fruit flavor but still finishes clean and crisp like a lager should. It’s the perfect style for both hop heads and lager lovers and has just enough hop bitterness to keep you interested, while still being refreshing and thirst quenching for everyone who is craving something cold after the bike race. 

This beer has an IBU of 42, and an ABV of 5.5% and is gold in color. It was brewed with Vienna, Pils, and Wheat malts, as well as Hercules, Mosaic, Amarillo and El Dorado hops. We dry hopped this beer with the Amarillo and El Dorado hops to bring in some bitterness and also to enhance the tropical fruit flavors present in the hops. The aroma of this beer has notes of tropical fruit, dank hops, and lager yeast with tasting notes of malt sweetness that moves into fruity hop flavors and finishes slightly bitter but still crisp and clean. 

mountain bike

This is our second year working with the Flagstaff Biking Organization to brew a beer to be served after the Barn Burner Bike Race, and we will be there again this year with our beer van to pour this tasty brew after the race. All proceeds from this beer’s sales at the race will go to the Trail Fund which is currently being used to help realign the Heart Trail for better sustainability and usage. This money will also be used to help repair and improve the trails that have been affected by the recent Museum Fire. 

Barn Burner IPL will be released at the Barn Burner race on September 7th and will be poured from noon until 5pm while supplies last. We will also have limited kegs of this beer on tap at our Flagstaff locations. Come try a pint for yourself at the race and help support an amazing cause that helps to improve the trail systems all throughout our beautiful town of Flagstaff.