Behind the Scenes at Bearizona

Did you know that right here in Northern Arizona we have our very own Wildlife Park featuring 160 acres of land, and hundreds of amazing animals? Bearizona Wildlife Park, located in Williams, Arizona, is home to many rescued and relocated animals that have been given a second chance. Bearizona is fun for the whole family and features both a drive through and walk through section of the park, making it accessible for all. Bearizona is also home to Canyonlands Restaurant, a themed restaurant within the Kennelly Restaurant Concepts family, with options for even the pickiest of eaters. Canyonlands Restaurant also has a full bar inside featuring our very own Historic Brewing Company beer and Grand Canyon Wine Company wine.

Although the ability to walk around the park with a craft beer in hand is one of the awesome things about Bearizona, there is so much to enjoy on any day you choose to visit. They have live animal shows each day, featuring a rotating cast of their amazing animals and staff. These shows are interactive, educational, and super fun to watch and be a part of. The drive through section of Bearizona is unlike most Wildlife Parks because through your car window you can see animals such as wolves, bison, bears, and more.

Petting Armadillo Bearizona

Last week, we at Historic had the privilege of going behind the scenes at Bearizona and meeting some of the animals and taking up close photos of them in their habitats. We were even lucky enough to let some of our favorite animals play with Historic Brewing Company cans, which made for a fun experience for us, people hanging out at the exhibits, and the animals. It was awesome to get to go into some of the enclosures, get up close with the animals, and see how they interacted with a new object. Don’t worry though, we emptied the cans before they were given to the animals, the staff was close by, and the cans were removed after taking photos so the animals were just given a fun chance to get curious about what we had to share with them.

One of our favorite parts of Bearizona is the stories behind the animals that were brought to the park, and how much their trainers and all of the staff at Bearizona care for them. Two of the bear cubs that got to play with the cans and get a tasty treat of maple syrup were rescued as babies from the Pinetop area. Their mother had been fed by a human and the whole family was in danger, so the cubs were rescued and rehomed at Bearizona. The two girl cubs share a large enclosure together and are loved by everyone who comes to see them. When they’re not playing with cans of Oceanfront they love to lie around in the sun, take lots of naps, and even try to climb the trees.

Bear licking OFP Can

Bearizona is the perfect day trip from Flagstaff and makes a great destination to go to from anywhere in Arizona. It is family friendly and fun if you’re two years old or eighty-two years old. There’s something for everyone to do at the park and the staff is knowledgeable and excited to share what they know about all of the species that call Bearizona home. The park features a big restaurant with a variety of delicious items and a full bar with liquor and our own Historic beer. They also have a small outdoor grill restaurant with selected items, and a patio bar. If you haven’t made it to Bearizona yet we definitely suggest adding it to your list of go to destinations. Tell the bears we said hi!