Recipe Feature: Salt River Beer Margaritas

We love a good reason to celebrate, and luckily for us there’s lots of holidays in May! Cinco De Mayo on May 5th is one of our favorite holidays to let loose, surround ourselves with friends and family, and mix up some awesome drinks. While grabbing a can of beer or pouring ourselves a pint is normally what we turn to first, Cinco De Mayo definitely calls for some tequila. Luckily we’ve found beer margaritas, which means we get to combine our favorite Arizona Lager with some good ole tequila and mix up a beer cocktail that will knock your socks off. Give this recipe a go, we bet it will be your new go to for Taco Tuesdays, Fiesta celebrations, or just anytime your life is calling for a bit of tequila and beer.


Salt River Beer Margaritas

In a shaker glass mix up:

-1 shot of tequila

-A splash of orange juice

-A splash of Triple Sec

-Juice of half a lime

Once that is combined pour the mixture into a 16 oz pint glass and fill the rest of the glass with Salt River Lager and mix together with a straw or spoon.

Salt the rim if you’d like or add some more lime for a garnish and enjoy!