The Perfect Pair: Beer & Food

We all know beer and food go well together, or else why would fries taste even better when eaten with your favorite beer... But do you know what foods work best with each style of beer and how to perfectly pair your favorite brew to food so that you optimize the taste of both?  

While beer pairing is more of an art than a science, we thought we’d break it down for you a little bit and even show you how we would pair some of our favorite Historic beers to food so that you can do it at home too. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two and be able to show off your beer and food pairing skills next time you’re out with friends or trying to impress your cute date. 

The Basics:

When thinking about beer and food pairing you’re going to want to consider a few things - the style of beer, the hop quality of the beer, certain flavor notes to the beer, and then the style of food, its heaviness, and its spice or sweetness. As a general rule of thumb we want our flavors to compliment one another and help enhance the experience of both, but it isn’t always as simple as pairing a chocolate cake with a roasty, chocolate Porter. For instance, spicy food and IPAs generally go really well together, not because you’d immediately think their flavors compliment one another, but because the hop bitterness helps to enhance the spices in the dish and illuminate their rich flavor qualities. Pairing a heavier beer with a heavier food is also a good rule of thumb, and vice versa with lighter foods and lighter beers. Again, this is an art and not a science so it may take some time to really get good at pairing your food and beer, but below is a guide to how we would pair our favorite Historic Brewing Company beers to food. Use this guide as a starting point to explore how you would want to pair some of your favorite beers and styles, and then go from there!

Historic Brewing Company

The Guide:

-Piehole Porter: Our signature Cherry Vanilla Porter, although more medium bodied, is still a darker heavier beer and thus should be paired with something heavier in nature. The sweetness of this beer goes well with BBQ beef or pork, or even a BBQ Pizza. Piehole Porter is also delicious paired with something sweet like chocolate cake, fudge, or a brownie.

-Oceanfront Property Lager: One of our lighter offerings, Oceanfront Property Lager, is crisp and easy to drink and pairs well with lighter dishes such as fish, chicken, and salad. We also think it pairs great with tacos, and other lighter Mexican fare. If you’re craving something sweet with your Oceanfront though, pair this light lager with a Key Lime Pie, Lemon Bar, or a Shortbread Cookie. 

-Spare Moment IPA: This India Pale Ale has notes of melon and tropical fruit with a great bitterness to it. We suggest pairing this hopped ale with something spicy - perhaps a good Thai or Indian Curry, or a heavily spiced Chili. You could also pair Spare Moment with a dessert like Carrot Cake or a Rice Pudding to bring out those deep, rich flavors as well.