Beaches Be Salty

We’ve got a new beer on deck, and beaches be salty about how good this brew is…

Our newest Gose style beer, is a refreshing tart ale with fruity hop flavors and a touch of salty flavor to it. A Gose style beer is similar to a Berliner Weisse, but with a slightly saltier twist due to the water profile and its mineral content. 

Beaches Be Salty is dark straw in color, with an ABV of 4.4% and an IBU of 11. This beer is unfiltered and slightly cloudy with a tart aroma and flavor notes of malt balanced by the fruit forward hops. This beer begins with tart flavors which move into notes of wheat malt and tropical fruit such as passion fruit. The main hop in this brew is Callista which is a newer German hop that is different in flavor from most of the German hops on the market. It is known for its passion fruit tang which shine through in this sour beer. 

Beaches Be Salty

This beer was brewed with the water profile of Goslar, Germany, where the Gose style originated. It was kettle soured and had a large amount of hops added towards the end of the boil which is why this beer has lots of hop fruitiness without the hop bitterness. This beer is already tapped at our downtown location and will be tapped at all other locations soon. This is a 15 barrel batch so it’ll be around for a while and is the perfect beer for anyone who loves sour beers or just wants to try out something different.